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January/February 2014       


March and April       


Joanna Middlebrooks

Joanna Middlebrooks has always felt compelled to explore many artistic paths.  While raising her three children, the Jacksonville native received her Master's Degree from Florida State University.  She was later awarded a full talent scholarship to study Technical Theater and Costuming at Florida School of the Arts.  After working as the costume director for the Florida Ballet, she began focusing on painting, first in acrylics and more recently in oils.

She considers herself an eternal student, and has studied with Debra Allen, Jaime Howard, Allison Watson as well as taking classes at the local colleges.  Joanna hopes that her colorful expressionistic style captures the joy she experiences while out hiking and exploring the world.  She encourages everyone to find their own expressive paths and to truly enjoy life.  Out of her immense gratitude for her own family, Joanna is collaborating with her daughter Jenna to help feed and educate a group of homeless children in Haiti.  All proceeds from her artwork will benefit that effort.   


Christopher Hicks

Christopher Hicks was born and raised in Jacksonville Florida. Early on he realized he had a passion for the arts and in 2004 he was accepted into Douglas Anderson School of the Arts for creative writing. Writing became a passion, and in 2008, after being accepted to the University of North Florida he pursued a degree in english with a minor in writing. Sometime in sophomore year he felt a calling for visual arts; something he had always wanted to do but never thought he could. In 2010 he transferred to UNF’s art and design program. Throughout his art courses writing had never left him, and so he began to incorporate stories, poems and journal entries into the images. In 2012 he graduated with a BFA in Fine Art with a focus in drawing and painting.

Christopher’s work blurs the line of literature and art, to create a hybrid that lives and breaths in the space between the two art forms to create a modern illuminated manuscript. He inserts himself into the pieces using the art as a visual journal, letting out the insecurities and secrets to the viewer, but still retaining their privacy in the way the words are written. The viewer then becomes part of that story as they try to sort out and understand the meanings and ideas of someone else's life, and reflect upon their own.

Currently, Christopher Hicks is an art teacher at Duncan U. Fletcher Middle School. As an art educator he hopes to inspire his students so they are excited about art. He teaches them to learn the way of an artists mind and to incorporate that mind into their own art work.

You can see more at the artists website, www.christopherstephen.com


James Ford

-More Info Coming Soon!-

May/June 2014

James Lowell             

James Lowell has been a photographer since his college days. His initial interest was in photojournalism, and he had his first AP wire photos published while at the University of Oregon. Following college, 2nd. Lt. Lowell was assigned to the Department of the Army Special Photographic Office as a team leader with photographic units in Thailand, Japan and Vietnam, and later as the photographic officer for the 525th Military Intelligence Group in Saigon. Mr. Lowell is an
award-winning photographer, with images appearing in publications both in the United States and abroad, as well as in juried exhibitions and galleries. In 2010, Mr. Lowell was selected to have three of his images in the Directors Choice show at the Thrasher-Horne Center for the Arts in Orange Park, Florida. In 2011, several of his Vietnam images were included in the exhibit, The Face of War: Vietnam Combat Photographers, shown at the Northwestern Mutual Art Gallery at
Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Also, in the same year, his one-man show, Long Ago in a Place Called Vietnam, was featured at the Thrasher-Horne.



Sully Fontaine

Sully was born October 26th, 1957. His father and mother were Belgian immigrants who came to America after WWII. Sully grew up in Europe and America and traveled a lot due to his father becoming a Green Beret Colonel.

Sully is a self taught mechanical engineer and has some experience in architecture and space planning.

Sully started his first painting in 2003 to help cope with the loss of his mother. He enjoyed it so much he decided to turn his home into a gallery and has since filled his walls with art. It was never Sully's intention to sell any of these paintings, but he has decided it is time to share them with the world.



July/August 2014


October 2014

November/ December 2014

Justino Esteves

Born in Normandy, France in 1983, I crossed the Channel at the the age of twenty-one. I traveled the United Kingdom from North to South and West to East, and photographing people and landscapes. After eighteen months touring the UK, I found myself launched into the world of art and fashion as photographer's assistant.

Now thirty years old, I’ve been published in high fashion magazines, and exhibited in some amazing galleries in Europe, where I keep working as photographer.



It was during one night out that Justino realized how intense and fragile a new couple's first kiss was.

Fueled by this sudden obsession, he then chased, for months, those precious furtive physical moments between strangers, trying to catch and express the deep intensity of the act.